Periscope, for those of you who have yet to give in to your voyeuristic urges, is a platform for broadcasting anything you want live on the internet. Their official tagline is “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.” Put simply – you can broadcast from anywhere you have a signal and people can interact by making comments. So, how can we or should we incorporate this into geocaching?

There are already a couple of people using the #geocaching tag. Joshua the Geocaching VloggerHeadHardHat, and the guys from the UK Geocaching Podcast are some of the early adopters. My thought is that it is a neat platform to have some interaction with geocachers all over the world while they are out in the field.

Some potential good uses:

  • connecting with cachers around the world
  • broadcasting from geocaching events
  • teasers for geocaching adventures
  • quick geocaching tips and tricks from veterans

Some possible downsides:

  • spoilers for geocaches
  • anyone can comment (even muggles and internet trolls)
  • unedited videos can be boring

We, the Memfis Mafia, are going on a quick family vacation this weekend which will of course include a road trip, some hijinks, a little caching, and now some broadcasting. We are going to try our hand at Periscope being careful not to fall into any of the traps we anticipate. We will not include spoilers (or GC#s for that matter. We will simply disregard any comments from muggles. I can’t promise that the videos will be quality but we will try our best.

Get on periscope. Check out some of the videos. Tell us what you think – good or bad for geocaching. 

Here is a simple example video. You will probably recognize this guy. Keep in mind people are still figuring out what to do with the platform.

Lunch on the way to the West Bend Cache Bash – Geocaching Vlogger

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