If you have been around geocaching for a while you have no doubt heard the idea of a mentor program tossed out. This discussion usually comes about after a new cacher comes on the scene and makes a few mistakes. Nowadays with more and more people being introduced to geocaching through the intro app on their smartphones this seems to come up more frequently. It’s understandable. No, it really is. Does the intro app tell you not to hide near schools? Does the intro app tell you that your log should be waterproof? Even if it does, who reads instructions on a game for the phone?

I know that when we started we made mistakes, a bunch of mistakes and we had people to talk to. We got advice in the field and at events. Eventually, we were lucky enough to have older more experienced cachers take us under their wing and give us good advice. Did that stop us from making mistakes and make us perfect cachers? Of course not.

So, how can we improve the learning process for new cachers? Is there any practical way to develop a system or program that would help newbies that were interested? Groundspeak references quick tips for newbies but could more be done? Could groundspeak make some sort of badge system that rewarded new cachers for learning the rules and regs?

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