Georgia Geocachers Association




' Georgia Geocaching Association is a Geocaching organization located in Georgia, USA.


The World's First Geocaching Club!

2001 - 2014

From the website:

Gga logo

Who We Are ~ Edit

A group of Georgia Geocaching enthusiasts from around Georgia have formed an association to encourage, publicize and support Geocaching. This club is known as the Georgia Geocachers Association, or GGA.

What We do ~ Edit

The GGA does many different things to promote the activity of Geocaching. At our monthly meetings we have events to teach newcomers and experienced Geocachers things like how to use a compass, how to recognize poisonous plants, safety in the woods, Leave No Trace ethics, How To Create A Cache, and much - MUCH - more!

We also use these meetings to plan other activities such as Geocaching Challenges, CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) Days, GPS clinics for places like REI Stores and more.

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