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The Geomate.jr is a GPS device specialized for geocaching.

Geomatejr fsb

The device from the front, left-hand side, and back.



The update kit.

The Geomate.jr is, according to Apisphere, "an awesomely easy to use, incredibly affordable, family-friendly geocaching GPS"[1] It is very easy to use; you just turn it on, and it will show you how far away the nearest cache is and in what direction. You can even set a waypoint for a "home location" and navigate there as well. It comes preinstalled with approximately 250,000 traditional geocaches from across the United States. You can get an update kit to add new caches to the device.


Capability Geomate.jr
Position accuracy 3 meters
Routes No
Waypoints (total) 1
Memory No
PC compatible Yes
Compass No
Altimeter No
Color screen No
Compact antenna Yes
Display size 1.2 × 1.2"
Screen pixels N/A
Battery type 2 AAA
Battery life at 70°F 12+ hours
Dimensions 4.4 × 1.8 × 1"
Weight (with batteries) 3.2 oz

200px|thumb|An ad for the Geomate.jr. 200px|thumb|left|A video explaining the Geomate.jr.


  1. ^ Part of the title of this page
  2. ^ Shop Groundspeak

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