eTrex Legend Cx
ETrex Legend Cx
The unit


GPS Device


Garmin, Ltd.



The Garmin eTrex Legend Cx is a GPS device from the eTrex series product line.


Legend Cx Basemap

The basemap.

This GPS, one the the eTrex series of Garmin units, is a small but sturdy GPS, with a waterproof casing and color screen with adjustable backlight. The battery case is secured with a latch attached to a d-ring. Inside the case, along with the batteries, is a 64 MB microSD card for storing topographic maps and other data. On this unit, topographic maps are useful, for the basemap is mundane and shows no terrain data. The unit is compatible with Mapsource® topo maps.


Capability Legend Cx
Position accuracy N/A
Routes 50
Waypoints (total) 500
Memory 64 MB (in microSD)
PC compatible Yes
Compass Yes (while moving)
Altimeter By GPS
Color screen Yes
Compact antenna Yes
Display size 1.3 × 1.7"
Screen pixels 38,720
Battery type 2 AA
Battery life at 70°F 32 hours
Dimensions 2.2 × 4.2 × 1.2"
Weight (with batteries) 5.5 oz


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