This article is about the original unit. For the series that this unit is part of, see eTrex Series.

The unit


GPS Device


Garmin, Ltd.



The Garmin eTrex is a GPS device from the eTrex series product line. This model has been discontinued. link to Garmin page


ETrex map

The "map" mode.

This unit is designed for travelling in the woods, so there is no basemap, just a grey area which shows the user's location relative to waypoints that are entered in the device. Unlike most other eTrex units, this unit does not have a small joystick in the upper left corner of the screen. Instead, menu navigation is done with the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons on the left side.


Capability eTrex
Position accuracy N/A
Routes 20
Waypoints (total) 500
Memory No
PC compatible Yes (Serial)
Compass Yes (while moving)
Altimeter By GPS
Color screen No
Compact antenna Yes
Display size 1.1 × 2.1"
Screen pixels 8,192
Battery type 2 AA
Battery life at 70°F 22 hours
Dimensions 2.0 × 4.4 × 1.2"
Weight (with batteries) 5.3 oz


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